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What are Commercialization Readiness Levels (CRLs)?

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Make Better Data-Driven Business Decisions. Bring global IP, market, and technology space context to answer questions and capture the full essence and value of your underpinning idea. Run reports and test ideas to analyze market insights prior to commercialization


Make your Idea More Valuable and Acquirable.  Innovate more and develop IP portfolios, tech platforms, and multiple market verticals, and rapidly translate best-in-class tech into high-value innovation assets ready for startup funding or rapid transfer, and early adoption. 


Convert your Idea into Market-Ready Solution. Develop your idea against proven commercialization success criteria, demonstrate useful prototypes, and communicate your solution with visual models that tell a clear, accurate, and complete story – and innovate continuously. 

Commercialization Readiness Levels™ or CRLs provide a disciplined path over the valley-of-death to Investment Readiness

The SiMPL Method, platforms, and tools along with guidance, mentorship, and insights from our trusted network of agents and experts help entrepreneurs and technologists overcome the Valley of Death and move their ideas from their garage to market with greater speed and agility.


CRLs 1-9 guide and estimate the maturity of startup or investment readiness through the three phases of idea to market commercialization.



CRL 01

Understand what the idea is, why it’s important, and deconstruct the vision to define the space for analysis and development of the asset

360º Insights

CRL 02

Bring global IP, market, and technology space data to capture the full context of all present and potential future opportunities and constraints of the underpinning idea


CRL 03

Bring insights and foresight with actionable business intelligence to fully develop the team and map the chosen business and product paths to market



CRL 04

Validate business and product maps with experts and collaborators, speed innovation, decrease time-to-market, test and analyze insights before commercialization


CRL 05

Develop IP strategy and file robust, defensible IP with broad claims covering the invention, the product offering, and its business use


CRL 06

Identify, research, prototype/test, and validate core concepts across different applications and multiple vertical markets



CRL 07

Develop useful prototypes and business strategies, and get everything validated by experts, key customer prospects outside the lab, and strategic business partners


CRL 08

Reduce IP/tech transfer risk with a SiMPL™ Criteria Certification and communicate your idea’s unique value, market insertion potential, and strong IP position to prospective stakeholder using SiMPL™ Big Idea Visual Models

Deal Flow

CRL 09

Use flexible, simplified agreements, monitor the marketplace, tech space, IP space, and innovate together continuously

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Our team is here to create the right conditions, foster expectancy, and help teams get impossible things done. Our leadership team deeply believes in a future that looks much better than it looks right now.

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Our SiMPL Method is disciplined, easy to follow, and organized into stages so everyone can easily engage or disengage as projects mature. We offer consulting and innovation development services, tools, education, and training.

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