We focus on Why an Idea is important How to convert it into an asset and Where to insert it into the marketplace for positive impact

SiMPL ideas Community is about activating the crowd to transform ideas into highly valuable businesses that positively impact lives locally and communities worldwide

The Principles that Guide Us

" It's necessary that some are inventors; and some, developers; and some, sellers... and for the phases to be separated so each can do what they do best. Then, when synchronized and aligned to a noble vision, a whole stream of events issues in their favor that no one could've imagined would come their way as this new idea attracts everything it needs to come to life..."
Rich Jarvis
Founder, Tech Assessment

Principles that lead us


Noble purpose

Don’t let fear, especially of how it will happen or when, stand in your way, instead focus on why it's important (and do the job that only you can do).


Unity of effort

Don’t work in isolation and expect to build the best solution (and not be blind-sided by someone else eventually).


Thinking Big

Don't wait to do something about your big idea or expect the conditions to be favorable, instead start now (and invite others to solve the "hows" that show up).


Shared Rewards

Don’t worry about IP, revenue, or looking good, instead, worry about solving the unmet need uniquely, better, and faster (and the rest will take care of itself).


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Become a SiMPL Expert or Certified Agent and shape the direction of progress for those taking their big ideas to market.  Connect with members in a Trusted Environment — over the phone or in person, through forums or virtual events, or longer-term projects or board opportunities. 


SiMPLideas is an organization whose mission is to help individuals and collaborative teams transform ideas into assets and convert them into exclusive value for business startup, growth, and positive impact on the local and global community.

SiMPL Experts

SiMPL Experts connect with our members and provide critical insights to make smarter decisions through forums, phone calls, private groups, or virtual events. They reach new audiences, engage consulting prospects, and access early startup opportunities.

SiMPL Agents

Blueprints Lab Certified SiMPL™ Agents show our members the way to success by following a proven SiMPL™ System designed to bridge the idea-to-market "valley of death" and connect them to a community of experts and resources.

SiMPL System

SiMPL System by Blueprints Lab offers methods, platforms, procedures, tools, and structures to create new value, overcome adversity, reduce risk, and increase the speed of moving inventions from idea-to-market.

Our Disciplined and Repeatable Process for New Ideas

The 9 CRLs: Commercialization Readiness Levels

We use Commercialization Readiness Levels (CRLs) by Blueprints Lab as our method for estimating the maturity of market or mission readiness during the commercialization phase of our projects.


CRL 02. 360º INSIGHTS 




CRL 06. R&D




Our team of Big Idea Creators

Rich Jarvis

SiMPL Founder | Director

JiNan George

IP Forecasting | Transformation

Scott Robison

Tech Approval Board | Transfer

Julie Vo

Storyteller | Assessment

Taylor Hobbs

Tech Development | Transfer

Robert (Bob) Culp

Tech Approval Board | Transfer


James Huron

Tech Development | Transfer

Demise Emerine

ITM Foresight | Transformation

Andrew Whalen​

ITM Foresight | Assessment

Robert needham

Business & Finance | Transfer

Chad Buckles​

ITM Foresight | Assessment

Senior Military Advisors

Tech Advisors | Transfer

Experts We Partner With

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“Whenever we meet up, someone offers a divine thought, idea, or solution for someone else’s project.  It’s amazing, almost predictable.”   
– Digital Media team

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